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Chapter 1: brony – English
Chapter 2: fan terms
Chapter 3: shipping related terms
Chapter 4: general equestrian terms in reality (may not hold true in the show)
Chapter 5: general equestrian terms in the show
Chapter 6: pony abilities and tricks
Chapter 7: meme
Chapter 8: G1 to G3.5

Chapter 1: Brony – English

1. Anypony = anyone
2. blank flank = a young pony without a cutie mark
3. cowpony = cowboy, cowgirl
4. Everypony = Everyone
5. featherbrain = a term for a pony that is forgetful
6. Fillies and gentlecolts = Ladies and gentlemen
7. Hay yeah! =Hell yeah!
8. Hayseed = 1. It's an expletive Trixie used when she talked to Applejack. 2. Hayseed is also the name of a pony.
9. hoof-biting = nail-biting
10. hoofmade = handmade
11. hoof-picked = hand-picked
12. hoof-shaking = hand-shaking
13. hoof-wrestling = arm wrestling
14. hooved-stitched = hand-stitched
15. Hooves = hands or feet
16. Horseapples = expletive
17. It's time to pony up = it's time to man up
18. neigh-sayer = naysayer
19. Nopony = no one
20. pony feathers = expletive
21. scaredy-pony = scaredy-cat
22. shake your hoof-thang = shake your groove thang
23. single-hoofedly =  single-handedly
24. Somepony= Someone
25. sure as hay = sure as hell
26. taking matters into your own hooves = taking matters into your own hands
27. Thank Celestia! = Thank goodness!
28. to get your hooves  on somebody = to get your hands on somebody
29. What in Ponyville is going on here? = What in the world is going on here?
30. What the hay? = What the heck?

Chapter 2: fan terms

1. Alicorn = a winged unicorn who can fly, walk on clouds and use even the strongest magic. There are only two known alicorns, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna
2. bro-hoof = bro-fist
3. Brony = a fan related term. It is a name for fans (male and female) of "My little Pony" and "My little Pony: Friendship is magic".
4. Buck = in fan stories the term „buck" can also be a expletive
5. Clopfic or fapfic = a porn fanfic
6. coltfriend or stallionfriend = boyfriend
7. cowcolt = cowboy
8. Don't tank that flank = Be cool and don't be going after that guy/girl/whatever
9. empty-hoofed = empty-handed
10. fillyfriend or marefriend = girlfriend
11. fillyhood or colthood = childhood
12. firsthoof = firsthand
13. Gimme some coat = Request for a handshake/high-five, with added street credibility. Derived from "gimme some skin!"
14. Got any stones? = Got any gems? Any and all colorful gems serve several purposes, even criminal activities...
15. hoof-pump = arm-pump
16. hoofsteps =footsteps
17. Hooves off = Hands off
18. keep your mane on = keep your hair on
19. kick flank = kick ass
20. OC-Pony = An OC-Pony (OC stands for Original Character) is a pony that was created by bronies especially writer and drawer
21. Parasprite = the term Parasprite refers to the creatures from episode 10. The fan term is usually used as a ponyfied term for trolls and pony-haters
22. Paraspriting = trolling
23. Pegasister = a term for female bronies
24. plot = flank or butt
25. PMV = Pony Music Video
26. Ponyfied = a pony version of something
27. ponykind = like mankind but with ponies
28. Rule 48 = if it exists there is a pony version of it
29. Rule 49 = if there is no pony version yet, it will be made
30. Semper Filly! = Semper Fi!  (always faithful)
31. Shut your flap = Shut your trap, also partially racial toward Pegasus Ponies
32. stalemare = stalemate
33. to ponyfie something = to make a pony version of something. For example PonyForce is the ponyfication of the band DragonForce
34. what the rut = what the hell
35. you bet your flank = you bet your ass

Chapter 3: shipping related terms

1. "clop clop clop" = fapfapfap (an internet term for masturbation)
2. Candy vag = there are two possible definitions: 1. Usually some sort of food placed in/ on the Vagina, and is meant to be eaten by another pony, and is mainly used in lesbian clopfics. 2. Candy vag is a description for a cute lesbian
3. coltcuddler = a gay pony ( in extreme fan stories it can be also be a pedophile)
4. fillyfooler = a lesbian pony
5. Hoof-Job = Masturbation from another pony by hoof. Pony version of hand-job
6. wingboner = When a pegasus pony is getting excited his or her wings are at full spread as an involuntary reaction to something

Chapter 4: general equestrian terms in reality  

1. bit-path = an uncommon term to designate the open space between the horses front set of teeth and their molars, where the bit of a bridle rests. Some people also call it the "Bars"
2. claim (to claim or claiming ) = The equine form of adoption. It can also be a way of delegating ownership over a specific person/pony.
3. colt = a male horse between the age of 2 and 4 years.
4. dam = mother
5. fetlock = the 'knuckle' of the horse leg
6. filly = a female horse between the ages of 2 and 4 years
7. foal = a horse under one year of age
8. gelding = a castrated stallion
9. hinny = the infertile offspring of a female donkey and a male horse
10. mare = a female horse above the age of 4 years
11. mule = the infertile offspring of a male donkey and a female horse
12. sharing breath = a greeting.  It's an acceptance ritual normally shared by heard mates, or blood family of the herd, or mated pairs.
13. sire = father
14. stallion = a male horse above the age of 4 years
15. yearling = a horse between the age of one and 2 years

Chapter 5: general equestrian terms in the show

1. Applebuck Season = The name of the season of harvesting apples.
2. Best Young Flyer Competition = A competition in Cloudsdale between Pegasus ponies. The Pegasus ponies showing different things to determine who the best young flyer in Equestria is. Princess Celestia and even the Wonderbolts witnessing this competition.
3. Draconequus = A creature with the head of the pony and the body with parts of many other creatures. Discord is the only known draconequus and it is most likely that he is immortal just like an alicorn. His head is horse-like, with a deer antler on the right, a goat horn on the left, one long fang, different-sized pupils, a snake tongue, and a beard. He has the right arm of a lion, the left claw of an eagle, the right leg of a lizard, and the left leg of a goat. In addition, he has a bat's right wing, a Pegasus' left wing and a snake's tail
4. earth pony = a pony without a horn or wings
5. Grand Galloping Gala = A yearly gala at Canterlot. Although most ponies expect a big festival the Grand Galloping Gala is a formal event. Princess Celestia and the Wonderbolts participate at the gala every year.
6. Hearth's Warming Eve = It's a special day were all ponies celebrating the founding of Equestria and the friendship between all ponies especially the friendship between unicorn, Pegasus ponies and earth ponies. It's most likely that the main event starts the next day and is called Hearth's Warming.
7. Nightmare Night = Nightmare Night is an event similar to Halloween. (more information coming after S2E04)
8. pegasus = a pony with wings who can fly and walk on clouds
9. Ponydom = There are two possible definitions:  1. It is the pony term for all ponies in Equestria (like mankind for humans) and 2. It is the term for the world of the ponies
10. Princess Celestia = She is the ruler of Equestria. An Alicorn and the strongest pony ever. She represents the day and the sun. She also controls the sun and the moon
11. Princess Luna = A Alicorn and Celestias younger sister. She was imprisoned for thousand years after she turned into Nightmare moon. Luna represents the night and the moon.
12. Summer Sun Celebration = A celebration for the longest day of the year. Princess Celestia herself also visits a town or village and raises the sun before her subjects. In Episode 1 of the first season this town was Ponyville
13. The Fire of Friendship = The Fire of Friendship is magical heart-shaped pink flame. It was born when the three kinds of ponies (Pegasus ponies, unicorns and earth ponies) put away their differences and their arguments and became equal friends. It's the only known way to defeat a Windigo and their hate-fuelled snowstorm. The Fire of Friendship is part of the tale of the founding of Equestria and it is unknown if they really exist. However it was shown at the end of the episode above Canterlot so it's most likely that it might exists.
14. The running of the leaves = A special yearly race between ponies. The ponies race against each other and cause the leaves to fall. The running of the years is at the begin of autumn and it is also one of Princess Celestia's favorite events
15. The Wonderbolts = the best young pegasus flyer in Equestria
16. unicorn = a pony with a horn who can use magic
17. Windigoes = Windigoes are winter spirits that feed off fighting and hatred. The more hate the spirit feels, the colder things become. They only appear in the tale of the founding of Equestria and it is unknown if they really exist.
18. Winter Wrap Up = A special activity to cleaning the winter and bring in the spring without magic

Chapter 6: pony abilities and tricks

1. alicorn magic = One of the strongest kinds of magic. Only Princess Celestia and Princess Luna can use this magic. With the alicorn magic the Princesses can cast many strong spells and they can control the sun and the moon
2. apple bucking = An ability that helps a pony to harvest apples by kicking the tree with hind legs.
3. Atomic Rainbomb or Atomic Rainboom = A new trick of Rainbow Dash. When she's flying down to the ground aiming for a target (like Applejack's old barn) she becomes faster until she can destroy the target. A rainbow circle similar to the Sonic Rainboom is formed together with a rainbow colored mushroom cloud. During this trick she's flying slower than during her Sonic Rainboom so that she won't hurt herself.
4. Buccaneer Blaze= one of Rainbow Dash's tricks
5. chaos magic = One of the strongest kinds of magic. Only Discord can use this magic and his abilities are as strong as Princess Celestia's abilities. With chaos magic Discord was able to brake a spell only Celestia was supposed to break
6. Fantastic Filly Flash = one of Rainbow Dash's tricks
7. flying magic = There are two known fly spells. The first spell is very complicated and needs lots of magic but it creates wings for at most three days. The second spell creates a magic aura, similar to levitation spells, that allows a unicorn to fly. However it's still unknown if this spell allows adult unicorns to fly or just new born ponies that can't control their magic
8. levitation spells = A spell that creates a magic aura around something to let it fly. Almost all unicorns can use this spell every day
9. magic = A special ability of unicorns, alicorn ponies and Discord. There are many different spells like growing magic
10. portal spell = A spell that allows unicorn ponies to walk through objects
11. Rain-Blow-Dry = A small tornado that works like a hairdryer. Only Pegasus ponies can do it.
12. Sonic Rainboom = When a pegasus with a colorful mane and tail flies very fast and break the speed barrier a sonic boom and a rainbow can happen all at once. Only Rainbow Dash is able to do it.
13. Super Speed Strut = one of Rainbow Dash's tricks
14. Teleportation = A special ability used by strong unicorns like Twilight Sparkle, by Discord and by alicorn ponies like Princess Celestia. Somehow even Pinkie Pie seems to have the ability to teleport.

Chapter 7: meme

1. abusing meme = Many characters of FiM has at least one meme that makes him or her looks bad and some bronies see these meme as bulling. Most of the abusing meme don't have any proof or just ignore the shows reality. Unlike Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie or Scootaloo who all have one or two bad meme, Princess Celestia has to suffer at least 4 kinds of abusing: Trollestia, Molestia, Tyrant Celestia and Supreme ruler Celestia.
2. Malestia = Prince Malestia is a male version of Princess Celestia.
3. meme = A meme is a concept that spreads via internet. Some examples for pony meme are: "20% cooler", "bro-hoof" or "Scootalove"
4. Molestia = another abuse of Princess Celestia. Pictures and stories to make Princess Celestia like a pony that molest or rape other ponies
5. Pinkamena Pie= This name is not referring to Pinkie Pie's real name, Pinkamena Diane Pie, but to a grimdark story called "Cupcakes". It's says that Pinkie Pie loves to hurt other ponies like her friends, mostly Rainbow Dash, or do even worse things. Pinkamena Pie has deflated hair and her color is darker than her usual bright pink.
6. Rainbow Dyke = A stinging insult against Rainbow Dash. The term is mostly used in shipping stories and claims that Rainbow Dash is lesbian because of her rainbow colored mane and tail. Unlike fillyfooler this term is a personal attack against Rainbow Dash.
7. Scootabuse = pictures and stories to abuse Scootaloo. For example pictures that show Scootaloo as a crazy stalker who collect everything from Rainbow Dash including feathers or an eaten apple
8. Scootalove = this is the opposite of Scootabuse. This pictures and stories are mostly cute and heart-warming
9. Supreme ruler Celestia = similar to Tyrant Celestia. It also says that Celestia is the sole ruler of everyone and everything and will not accept a Co-ruler. This abusing meme is a good example to show that many abusing meme ignore the shows reality because all characters of the show love Celestia as the ruler and Celestia shared the ruling and other royal duties once again with her sister, Luna
10. Trollestia = pictures and stories to make Princess Celestia look like a troll who is doing evil pranks all the time and who care if these pranks hurt others. Similar to the abuse of Scootaloo or Rainbow Dash
11. Tyrant Celestia = pictures and stories to make Princess Celestia look like a dictator who send everything and everyone to the moon and who doesn't care about her subjects.

Chapter 8: G1 to G3.5

1. baby ponies = It's a term for new born ponies and very young ponies. However the term "baby ponies" doesn't exist in the new show FiM (G4). In G4 they are just called foals or little filly/colt.
2. big brother ponies = the only male ponies in G1. They are all earth ponies
3. winking in/out = It's a term to describe a teleportation spell

and many friendly bronies and pegasisters who suggested new terms
Here is the second version of the brony dictionary. Thanks to everypony who helped me with ideas and new entries;-)

If you have more entries for the dictionary you can post them here and I will add them to the third version. if you have other ideas (like new chapters) or comments feel free to post them.

14.06.2011 - Update:
Added new fan terms
deleted one fan term
new definition for coltcuddler and ponydom
alicorn is now a fan term

24.07.2011 - Update
Added new terms
Added a new chapter for terms that still need a description

09.08.2011 - Update
Added 6 new terms

15.09.2011 - News
Important: I started a poll for the brony dictionary. Please vote

21.10.2011 - Update
Added 22 new terms
deleted one term
edited 2 terms

27.01.2012 - Update
Here is finally the next update. I added 25 new terms (we now have 132 terms), I added 2 new subcategories and I deleted the term “old-trotter = old-timer” because in S02E04 Rainbow Dash used old-timer. That means that this term doesn’t have a ponyfied version in the show.
I also want to thank “Doc Steedly” from equestriadaily for 5 terms for the general equestrian terms in reality. Sorry that it took that long for me to add them

My little Pony, Friendship is Magic © Lauren Faust
brony dictionary @ me
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Thank Celestia is closer to Thank God (she is an imortal after all) than Thank Goodness.

Princess Cadence is also an alicorn. This is also not a fan term, but a pre-existing from mythology.

Chapter 6, point 7. We see adult Twilight Sparkle self levitate in the Season 3 opener.
Shrick Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thank you^^ I'm glad you like it. I already published the new version of the dictionary with even more entries [link] [link]

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Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
However I don't think that Chrysalis count since Changelings seems to be a different kind of species than ponies;-)
hiahia2323 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
actually chrysalis WAS an alicorn, but something happened to her (according to fandom, due to her physical attributes) that turned her into a changeling.
Shrick Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
There are many different theories about the characters like Princess Cadence being a rare winged unicorn and not a real godlike alicorn or that the Changelings once were friendly and by consuming hate and other bad emotions they helped Equestria. However all of these are theories so I'm sorry but I sadly can't add them to the brony dictionary.
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Shrick Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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